Sonner-Osier Farmstead

4130 W. Beacon Light Rd
Eagle, ID 83616
United States

In 1903, Iowa natives Herschel and Carrie Sonner bought Property east of the new Pleasant View School. They had a builder construct a house with Colonial Revival Style ornamentation and an adjacent outdoor privy by 1904. Hershel Sonner served on the school's board of trustees and named his own farmstead "Pleasant View". The Sonner family did well financially from the grain and seed crops they raised.

In 1906, they sold the property to Joseph O Osier, a former miner from the Silver City area in Owyhee County. After he and his wife Jessie moved to the farm, they raised cattle, horses, mules, chickens, potatoes, oats and hay. The Osiers prospered and added an indoor bathroom, a gambrel-roofed barn, and a one-car garage sometime between 1912 and 1915. These additions helped form a U-shaped farmstead layout, with a curved tree-lined lane leading to and from the main road. A fruit orchard, garden, and lawn area flanked both sides of the house. Their work created a landscape that reflected American ideals of a successful "modern" farmstead in the early twentieth century. After a reversal of fortune, Joseph Osier sold the farm to Alfred Van Sickle in 1917, who briefly ran a small dairy operation there and then sold it in 1932.

The property's ownership changed hands nine more times during the unstable agricultural market years of the Great Depression and World War II. In 1951, Benjamin Surber and his wife Celia purchased the farm. Their daughter and son-in-law, Marjorie and Sam D. Stillwell, moved onto the property and eventually bought it in 1962. After 48 years of family ownership, the Stillwells sold the property to its present owners in 1999. The farmstead continues to be preserved, serving as a reminder of the Eagle area's important agricultural history. On June 5, 2017 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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