Boise Veterans Day Parade November 8, 2014

Cub Reporter - Jack Lawford - Age 10
 Boise Veterans Day Parade - Nov 8, 2014
All of the Media Outlets were set up in front of the Capitol ....
including our own Cub Reporter, Jack Lawford 

Story and Photos by Jack Lawford, Age 10


On November 8, 2014, the Veterans Day Parade passed through downtown Boise.

There were lots of special visitors such as the Governor and the Mayor.  There were also lots of displays varying from cars to planes and tanks.
With all of the veterans there themselves, it was an honor to see how happy they were that so many people appreciate them and came out to honor them.
You could see all of the different marching bands  (there were a TON)  and of course, they were all playing patriotic songs.
I would definitely recommend this parade to all people ... to come out and to appreciate the veterans that served our country
Check out all of the pictures I took... and don't miss the VIDEO at the very end, of West Junior High School Band
The streets were all blocked off for the parade
My sister Katie was marching in the parade with West Jr. High School band.  Here
they are practicing before the parade.
 The capitol was all decked out with Yellow Ribbons to honor the missing
I hope you enjoyed the pictures....  and that you will go to the Veterans parade next year...
I'll be there!
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