Capital City Farmers' Market Fun


 Capital City Public Market

Photos by John Beliera 
A great example of why Idahoans flock to their local Farmers' Market
      Just about every day of the week across Idaho during the Summer months, a Farmers' Market is underway displaying local produce, artisan works, services and, more often than not, local entertainment ranging from music to balloon art.  Whatever the combination of wares, goods or entertainment, the Markets are easy to spot simply by the throngs of appreciative shoppers and browsers complete with youngsters and puppy dogs.
Efficiently laid out, the Market allows for maximum vendor space with comfortable foot traffic browsing, giving everyone the opportunity to see or interact as the case might be.
                       Downtown areas of Idaho communities are generally
                       where Farmers' Markets are set up and the Capital
                       Public Market is no exception.  Historic buildings
                       are the back drop to the hustle and bustle going by
                       with more modern buildings and contemporary artwork
                       interspersed giving a vignette of the changing Idaho
                       urban landscape. 
      The sheer variety of vendors provides hours of browsing and entertainment.  Talented individuals playing music, colorfully dressed ethnic produce sellers and nimble-fingered artists fashioning intricate balloon creations enthrall children and adults alike - and that's merely a fraction of what can be found at Farmers' Markets.
      Of course the main attractions at every Farmers' Market are the fresh vegetables and prepared food.  Vibrant green lettuce alongside scarlet radishes are ranged next to tables stacked with fragrant loaves of freshly baked bread.  Tempting dishes of different cuisines can often be found resulting in many a satisfied belly.  Discerning chefs, whether for home table or commercial restaurant, frequent these Markets to find the freshest and finest ingredients for their next dishes.  A veritable Foodie Paradise awaits!
      Whether you're a native Idahoan, recent transplant or traveling through the State, one thing that resounds from any Farmers' Market you'll attend in Idaho is Community.  Youngsters, Seniors, every age in-between along with (in many cases) pets, enjoy partaking and supporting these community endeavors.
      Don't let your Summer pass without going at least once to your local Idaho Farmers' Market - you won't regret it and the memories will always bring a smile to your face.
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