Comedy Improv Stage Show - Mission Improvable

Playhouse Boise
8001 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83704
United States

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Suitable for Children

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ROFLMAO is what people are saying about our show! Performed by professional improvist from the local area, you are sure to have a night of laughter. With our without a drink from our full bar.

The Playhouse Improv is a fully improvised, one-act play that takes place in a fictional town, city, or place suggested by YOU! That's right! Off an audience member's suggestion, our team of hilarious improvisers build an entire world on the spot without scripts or direction. No two shows are the same.

Unlike other comedy improv shows, the Playhouse House Performers perform a brand new play full of wit and whimsey every third Thursday of the month

The show is rated PG-13 up to R, depending if there are underage attendees.

Be ready to laugh and get creative.

Wendell H Wilson
Sheree Armstrong
Timothy Joe Schmidt
Zachry Bland
Nick Roberts
Ann McQueen
Daniel Boynton

sandii zavala
8001 fairview ave
Boise ID 83704
United States

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