"Fizzyology: The Science Behind Bubbles" Discovery Center of Idaho Exhibit


 Preview of New Discovery Center of Idaho Exhibit

      With the advent of summer, what a perfect staging for Discovery of Idaho's latest exhibit - Fizzyology: The Science Behind Bubbles.  IdahoCalendar.com was invited to share in the preview party to get a first look at the new interactive displays, toddler area and activity station.
      Discovery Center staff, members and their children mingled to view the new display area.  Discovery Center Exhibits Director Eric Miller, along with the rest of the talented staff at the Discovery center, have put together another exhibit guaranteed to delight and occupy patrons for hours.  We found plenty of volunteers to show us how many of the interactive displays operated.  
 The Giant Bubble Ring was a huge hit!  Anyone trying this out, adults included, was captivated by being "inside" a huge soap bubble.
      Good, clean fun everywhere we looked...this little fellow couldn't wait to get his hands on some of the displays.
     The bubble "window" interactive display was interesting to see how this "sheet" reacted to puffs of wind.
      Everyone knows that bubbles float, but the Floating Bubbles interactive display put a new spin on it (so to speak).  Executive Director Kristine Barney wonderfully explained that the CO2 given off by the dry ice is colder and heavier than air so the bubbles "float" on it rather than sinking immediately to the bottom of the barrel.  Another process going on at the same time is the thinning of the three layers (three, really?!) of a bubble cause it to show different colors until it becomes almost entirely clear prior to popping due to interacting with the CO2.
      Moving over to the Bubble Trays and Wands, it was readily apparent that the age old "who can blow the biggest bubble competition" was alive and well.  These wands definitely put to shame any efforts made by the puny sticks that come with soap bubble bottles!
      The viscosity tubes mainly demonstrated several cool things; watching bubbles rise generated by your heartbeat inspired bouts of jumping jacks to see the difference between resting/active heart rate, bubbles rise at different rates when moving through water or glycerin and this can be affected by how quickly the air is pumped into the liquid.
                       Kids will be fascinated to see the geyser display which
                      demonstrates what happens when the system cycles
                      between hot and cold.
                                       The creativity of these interactive displays never
                        ceases! At the Sinking Float, violently released bubbles
                        help you "sink" the floating object and attempt to
                        maintain it at a certain depth in the tube, possibly
                        spurring many a piratical thought to future ships
                        to be sunk in swimming pools in reenactments.
                        We're not going to give away all the good stuff going
                       on at the Fizzyology exhibit, after all this was only
                       a preview!  The staffed activity bench has plenty more
                       intriguing bubble-related demonstrations
                       for those with a more scientific interest.
      Debuting at this exhibit is the new toddler area for wee ones four and younger.  It features bubble related interactive areas suited to this age range.
      A continuing, familiar presence at the exhibit where all who visit can leave their mark is the chalkboard wall.
      Once again, the Discovery Center of Idaho has put together a top notch, totally fun learning experience that every kid or kid at heart will love!
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