Gunfighter Skies 2014 At Mountain Home AFB

     Gunfighter Skies is Mountain Home Air Force Base's way of thanking the community that supports them and their peacekeeping efforts.  For two days, the general public is allowed on base to tour static aircraft displays, talk with Air Force personnel and enjoy numerous aerial displays from a variety of aircraft.
     Generously spaced aircraft were arranged to allow maximum browsing room plus space for those waiting their turn in line to view the inside of some of the larger planes.  Food, beverage and souvenir booths were plentiful and provided a fine selection of items for attendees.  Helpful PA announcements alerted everyone to when specific aerial displays were to commence and continued with informative commentary during the displays.   

Capping off each day’s events, the thunderbirds performed precision aerial maneuvers with a mix of formation flying and solo routines.  Definitely a family friendly event worth attending for both the community support and the opportunity to view some of the most spectacular aircraft our Armed Forces possesses.  Be sure to attend the next one when it is scheduled!   

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