has a new home...

Staff has a new Home...
It's been several months in the making, but we are finally settled in to our new office.  Some of you in the area may have seen the progress going on at the corner of Five Mile and Victory as we had the entire exterior and landscape renovated.  The building had been in disrepair for a number of years and we've had many people stop by to Thank us for improving the neighborhood.
The inside was our next big job... calling for another complete renovation effort.  Starting with the demo and removing old cabinets, carpet and other outdated fixtures ...  getting it all painted and carpeted ...  then we set in to decide on a decor.
What better theme than  "IDAHO" ... it's what we are all about !    We even managed to call on an old friend who's family founded Pistol Creek in the back country to supply us with some awesome longhorns for our front office wall.  Add, then, some photos of some of the wonders of Idaho ... the necessary technology and  office furniture .. and  Voila ...  a comfortable space that says  "IDAHO" in a new yet historic way.
We love company so if you're in the neighborhood stop in and say "Hi"
We're at 10619  W. Victory, Boise, 8370 ... Corner of Five Mile and Victory.
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