IMTUF (Idaho Mountain Trail Ultra Festival) - 100 Mile

Burgdorf Hotsprings
404 French Creek
McCall, ID 83638
United States

Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times
Saturday September 14, 2019
6:00 AM
CUTOFF: 36 hours. Must finish by 6:00 PM MST on Sunday for an official finish.

LOCATION: Start and Finish at Burgdorf Hotsprings. See the Burgdorf Tab for more info.

COURSE: 103.9 mile loop course in the Salmon River Mountains near McCall, ID. Expect some very steep climbs and descents with TUF footing, beautiful summits and ridges, deep canyons with pristine rivers and lots of wildlife. The peak elk rut is usually on during this weekend, so bugling bulls are frequently heard and seen. Other wildlife include bear, wolves, lions, moose, deer, eagles and more. Click the course tab for more details, maps, etc.

DIFFICULTY: Very difficult. IMTUF is a Hardrock100 Qualifier for a good reason. It is a little over 100 miles. There is lots of steep climbing totaling over 20,000' feet of ascent. The footing is rough overall and downright brutal at times. Finishers have often compared it to Wasatch 100, but more technical. Fast times are hard to come by...our course records are 19:22 by David Ayala and 26:42 by Darla Askew.

STATS: Various GPS tracks from racers have measured 100-105 miles. My best measurement is 103.9** miles using Garmin tracks and Topofusion mapping software. Do not trust your on-course GPS measurements out here. They are frequently far off. On any 10 mile run I go on in this area, my Garmin may show +/- 1 mile. **Note, we added 1 mile to the overall distance measure due to the gradual switchbacks added to the course in the area above Cloochman Saddle on Bear Pete Mountain. These changes were made a few years ago, but were only added to the route's distance tally for 2019. Now, count on the distance from Burgdorf to Cloochman, and vice versa, to be just shy of 10 miles.

Just expect a long and hard journey and you will enjoy the adventure.
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