Jaialdi 2015 - Boise's Beautiful Basque Bash


 Jaialdi 2015

Photos by John Beliera 
      With numerous events all week long, the tail end of July was a joyful and festive one as Jaialdi swept through Boise and other areas of Idaho's Treasure Valley.  Celebrating the best of Basque culture, Euzkaldunak (Boise's Basque Organization) invited everyone to this big festival and arranged numerous traditional music and dance performances at different venues.  Beginning with Tuesday evening on July 28th, festival goers descended on the Basque Block and enjoyed food and drink while listening to strolling musicians.  This set the tone for the rest of the week's events.
     Photographer John Beliera was on the scene for Thursday night's street dance, also on the Basque Block, and from his photos it's readily apparent Luhartz and The Crazy Wheels got everyone moving...

      Festivities each day ran late into the night, but those with little ones were happy to take part in the almost daily "Basque-ing On The Block".  Cold drinks, tasty traditional food and lively Basque music were the hallmarks enjoyed by one and all.
 Nothing like a frosty cold snow cone on a scorching hot summer day!!
 Really Mom, I'm fine, I don't need a nap...

      Such a wonderful pictorial of Jaialdi 2015!  There were so many events over so many venues that John's photos give you a fine vignette of how much fun this festival is.  We're looking forward to the next one in 2020!!
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