Love to take Pictures ? Love to Share Them ???


Love to Take Pictures ?    Love to Share Them ??  

 is calling on YOU to share "Your Idaho" with other Idahoans ....  if you have photos, and/or stories about the places you've been in Idaho ... or even just locally ...  please email them to us so we can share with your fellow Idahoans.
There are so many great things to see and do here, and since we all know a picture is worth a thousand words... how better to get the "word" out than with some pictures and short stories.
We want to build a force of  "Roving Reporters"  who will help showcase all that we have here in Idaho... It can be an event ... like the Christmas Show this weekend... or  the Festival of Trees which we attended.... or how about some pics at our awesome Christmas Parades !
It can be some special scenic spot that you want to share ....   the foothills,  the river,  our parks or our mountains.  There is endless material to be used here in Idaho !
So  Let's DO IT ..... let's show off Idaho.
Send photos and stories to
Any questions... give us a call  at 208-362-1010  or stop by our office at 10619 W. Victory Rd. in Boise. 
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