New "Launch It!" Exhibit Opens at Discovery Center of Idaho

Brand New Exhibit at Discovery Center of Idaho
These fun and educational interactive displays are sure to engage minds - young and old - as visitors learn about "the science behind lift, flight, propulsion and flinging things".
 With roughly sixteen stations, visitors could make airplanes to launch through hoops, mysteriously float rubber balls on jets of air, repel metal rings via magnetic fields into the air, make cloud rings poof up out of a small barrel, reel themselves up in an air brake chair to let go and gently descend back down, watch as scarves get sucked through a tube tunnel suspended from the ceiling and numerous other exciting displays.
 The magnetic ball maze pieces can be reconfigured on the metal wall to create endless pathways.
 Catapulters could, by varying degrees, shoot for
the target further down the room learning how to
adjust trajectory to achieve accuracy.
 The vertical flyer allows visitors to create a flyer and
see it spin up into the air.  If it didn't work the first 
time, minor adjustments with the capable assistance of
Center Volunteers set it right.
 How do they "float" in the air like that???
 Making cloud rings was a huge crowd pleaser.
The "Air Cannon" inspired many a collaboration in 
aiming the doughnut shaped blast of air generated 
to move the dangling paper airplanes further
down the ceiling. 
Paul Fleming with the Chamber of Commerce delivered a short speech covering what it took to get the exhibit together, the individuals responsible and how wonderful it is that Boise has places like the Discovery Center to offer residents and visitors quality educational attractions. 
 Look for the Discovery Center Astronaut at different 
public events to get the word out about the spectacular 
exhibits at the Discovery Center of Idaho!
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