Readers Share their "My Idaho" Photos


Wow... We asked for photos from our Readers and this week we got some really great ones!   We will keep these photos archived so you can always look them up when you're yearning for a view of that special place in Idaho. 

Check out these great Idaho Shots !
                 Several shots from Tanisha Barnes this week.....
This great shot from Bogus Basin ....  
and another from just a short time ago ... 
Linda Carter-Beck sent in some great Fall Flyfishing
shots from  Fall Creek in SE Idaho
Check out the rock formation that looks like a Buffalo 
I attend school at the University of Idaho (almost done - yay!), and the Arboretum has always been one of my favorite places to go. This picture displays my favorite view, the I-Tower that is visible from practically everywhere on campus, from my favorite location. Go Vandals!

Courtney Ahrens-Coburn
 Charles Hoyt in Boise got some great wildlife pictures right in town ...
 This was in the capital building about a week ago!
Thought you might like it. Thanks for reaching out!   Jenna Carico 
 Idaho is beautiful on the outside and the inside.... Linda Giefer got some shots this
weekend at the  Empty Bowls benefit 
 We have even MORE photos sent in by our readers in the Photo Gallery ... you can find them by clicking on the "Photo Gallery"  Tab just below our header or click here
 We'd love to have YOUR photos too... send us pictures that depict  "My Idaho" in your life and we'll get them posted.   Send to  If you have any questions, you can call us at 208-362-1010 



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