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Summer is knocking on the door and weekend BBQs are being planned. Don’t be caught with just ‘the usual’ big brand condiments. Specifically, upgrade your selection of mustards and treat your guests like ancient royalty. Did you know that mustard origins date back centuries and by some counts it is said that Pharaohs stocked their tombs with mustard seeds to have in the afterlife?

With about 40 species of mustard plants known in the world mustard has been a staple of dinner tables worldwide. But one local Idaho company has dared to make mustard more than a condiment used to add a little kick to your hamburger and hotdogs. At Wagner’s Idaho Foods out of Nampa, Idaho, Bob and Cari have made mustard their obsession.

“Bob made it a passion project to recreate a mustard like his Dad grew up on. He began experimenting with various recipes and formulations that he'd think up. Nothing was quite right. But one day he came up with the perfect recipe.”


Bob and Cari worked tirelessly at the Food and Technology Center in the University of Idaho's satellite campus in Caldwell until he found the recipe that would make his dad proud. Not only is their mustard made in Idaho but they source their main ingredient from Idaho as well. Styled after German spicy mustard Bob uses two varieties of mustard seeds that are grown organically in Idaho's Long Valley area. Their staple product Old Fashioned Idaho Mustard was their first mustard followed by Dill, Sweet and Sassy, Honey, Smoky-Hot, Hoppin’ Jalapeno, Screamin’ Hot Habanero, Applewood Smoked, Roasted Garlc, and Special Reserve Whole Seed Mustard. The newest addition, sure for some backyard BBQ fun is Atomic Lava made with Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reaper.

Wagner’s Mustards can be used for seasoning, dips and of course as sandwich and hamburger toppers.

Visit their website at http://www.wagneridahofoods.com/

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