Water Rockets and Newton’s Law

Idaho Museum of Natural History
698 E Dillon St
Pocatello, ID 83201
United States

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Suitable for Children

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Pop-up Physics! Presented by Idaho State University Physics Department and Idaho Museum of Natural History.

Have fun and learn some science with things that pop and things that go up. Activities will focus on Newton's Laws, angular momentum, inertia, and energy. Kids will build and launch their own water rockets. The builders of the two rockets that fly the farthest will be awarded their own water rocket launchers. All who participate and leave an email address will be sent plans on how to build a water rocket launcher.

Pop-up Physics is a free event geared toward elementary age and older children. The event will be held on the Museum’s front steps, Quad-side.
Idaho Museum of Natural History
Faith Tan
698 E Dillon St
Pocatello ID 83201
United States
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