What is Idaho Calendar all about??


What is Idaho Calendar All About ?

There is a story behind Idaho Calendar that may sound familiar to many of you .... how many times have you gone to work on Monday, and a co worker told you what they did that weekend... and you said "I didn't know anything about that" ... you missed a great weekend event because you didn't know about it ! We had those thoughts more often than we liked... but we were just too busy with our other publications to do anything about it.

In 2012, our online publications were bought out by a large internet conglomerate ... which meant that we now had time to bring our publishing experience and ambitions to serve the people of our home state ... we decided that we would launch the most comprehensive Guide to Idaho events, attractions, and places to visit on the web.

Ours, though, is different than other places that bring you event information.

1) IdahoCalendar.com will be a COMPLETE listing of all types of events and attractions throughout the State.

2) Our listings are all screened for accuracy and content by our staff.

3) Our Staff is available by telephone or live at our office to help with event placement.

4) We are including the People of Idaho in our site, by encouraging them to CONTRIBUTE their photos and stories to IdahoCalendar.com. We intend to make this YOUR site about Idaho.

5) We are not only listing Events and Attractions... we are doing stories about them and about the people of Idaho.

6) We are including listings and stories about the Towns of Idaho ... there are many really great towns that we want to visit, and that we know you want to visit, and we will be telling you about them.

7) We are adding a local Classified section ... one where there is a real person to help you with your ads. One where the sale of firearms is allowed but "personals" are not... which we think is more in touch with Idaho values.

We also offer several features in our Event Listings that are new and innovative.  For example,  there is a link on each event that says "Remind Me"...if you click on that link, our system will send you an email reminder 5 days before the event so you don't forget about it.

There is also a way to Save any listing to your Electronic Calendar.

Just a few of the ways we are working to make IdahoCalendar.com your indispensable source for information about events, attractions, and fun things to do in Idaho. 

We are looking forward to working with YOU ... the people of Idaho to bring information, entertainment, and news to our fellow Idahoans.  Watch Us !
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